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South Wake Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews.

Patient Testimonial from Richard B

Dr. Mahar explained the procedure very well. Easy to talk to and was in concert with his assistant. They both let me know what to expect as he they went along helping me relax considering the circumstance. I have no fear of going back...

- Richard B

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Patient Testimonial from Michelle P

Dr. Mahar is a godsend! I’ve struggled with migraines the last several months, unsure what the cause may be. Little did I know, these migraines were a direct result of an embarrassingly decayed tooth I wasn’t ready to face, due to a horrendous dental history. I opted out of sedation, wanting to be aware of what was happening in the room and didn’t feel pressured to go under. Dr. Mahar and team worked in unison, talking me thru every pontentially scary sound coming from my mouth and explaining the necessity of a bone graft as a solid foundation in preparation for my future implant. The extraction was pain-free, and surprisingly, the injections didn’t phase me as he distracted me with pleasant conversation. I felt safe and well taken care of. Never once did I feel embarrassed or discriminated against because of my dental history. To follow up, I received a call and then a text message to inquire about how I was feeling, encouraging me to call him directly with any questions or concerns. My stitches were artistically placed and allowed me to go right back to work without a fuss and no nasty “post dental work mouth.” Anyone in search of a skilled AND personable oral surgeon, South Wake Oral Surgedy is my only recommendation. Dr. Mahar, thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s to a great night’s sleep and no more migraines! I am looking so forward to my upcoming implant and am in awe of the instant relief.

- Michelle P

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Patient Testimonial from Matthew T

I can not say enough about this place. I had 4 wisdom teeth removed today. The staff were very professional and caring. Dr. Mahar has already followed up with me this evening. If you need oral surgery this is the place to go!

- Matthew T

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